About Us

Lorrigo is a tech-based aggregator platform for all your logistics requirements. We aim to be the one-click solution for deliveries across global boundaries as well as hyperlocal needs within city limits. 
Lorrigo, with its holistic shipping ecosystem, promises to be the answer for door to door delivery of anything from a ‘nut’ to an ‘excavator’ and everything in between. We operate with an exclusive network of our select delivery partners who share our vision of delivering smiles across wide ranging pin codes. We understand that every delivery has a reason. From cargo of your business to the fruit of the season; we understand the emotion. Lorrigo helps you forget the hassle. Click, Book and Relax!

Our Vision

To be the one-click answer to all your shipment and transportation needs at an affordable cost with state of the art tracking.

Our Mission

To recognize and value the need for affordable and safe deliveries at your convenience beyond boundaries of time zones, borders and pricing. 
To help you deliver your world; across the world.

Our Team

We’re a young team of tech experts who’re most likely to find a technical solution to every business problem. Our combined experience boasts of a healthy mix of technology, product management, marketing and business innovation inspired by a family lineage of over 20 years in the transportation and logistics business. 
Our go-getter team has been highly inspired by the ideas of design thinking and solution selling which also remains a fundamental reason for the origin of the Lorrigo concept. 
When we’re not developing an easier bug-free interface, you’d either find us jamming music, catching up on a few web series, reading a tech stalwart’s biography, coding or simply experimenting with the next innovation on our customer handle.
We at Lorrigo, aim to continually build, create, address and upgrade the way the world looks door to door logistics handling. We look to provide that convenience at the most affordable prices for startups, MNCs and retail customers alike.
Lorrigo is a norm from the future.