Shipping and Delivery Policy
Welcome to Lorrigo! This policy governs the shipping and delivery of products facilitated through
the Lorrigo platform. By using Lorrigo, you agree to comply with this Shipping and Delivery
1. Shipping Providers
1.1 Lorrigo partners with a network of trusted shipping providers to ensure reliable and timely
delivery of products.
1.2 The selection of shipping provider may vary based on factors such as destination, shipping
method, and product specifications.
2. Shipping Fees
2.1 Shipping fees are determined based on the shipping provider, destination, and
weight/dimensions of the product.
2.2 Customers will be informed of applicable shipping fees during the checkout process.
3. Delivery Timelines
3.1 Estimated delivery timelines are provided based on the shipping method selected and the
3.2 Lorrigo strives to meet delivery timelines; however, actual delivery times may vary based on
external factors beyond our control.
4. Order Processing
4.1 Orders are processed promptly upon confirmation of payment and product availability.
4.2 Customers will receive order confirmation and tracking information via email or SMS.
5. Tracking and Notifications
5.1 Customers can track their orders using the provided tracking information.
5.2 Lorrigo will provide timely updates and notifications regarding the status of the shipment.
6. Delivery Attempts
6.1 The shipping provider will attempt delivery to the provided address.
6.2 If delivery is unsuccessful (e.g., recipient unavailable), the shipping provider may leave a
notification or attempt re-delivery.
7. Delivery Confirmation
7.1 Delivery is considered complete once the product is handed over to the recipient or
authorized individual at the specified address.
7.2 Proof of delivery may be obtained through electronic signature or other verification methods.
8. Shipping Restrictions
8.1 Lorrigo adheres to shipping restrictions and regulations imposed by local authorities and
shipping providers.
8.2 Customers are responsible for ensuring that products comply with applicable shipping
9. Shipping Disputes
9.1 In case of shipping disputes or issues, customers should contact Lorrigo customer support for
9.2 Lorrigo will work with customers and shipping providers to resolve shipping-related concerns.
10. Contact Information
For inquiries related to shipping and delivery, please contact Lorrigo customer support at